How is BuildClinical different from someone on my team running ads on Facebook?

Our services are quite distinct from someone running ads on Facebook in-house. There are three main factors that set us apart from individual Facebook ad management:

  1. Multi-Platform Reach: While Facebook is a part of our strategy, we extend our advertising reach across various online platforms such as YouTube, Bing, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, TikTok, dating apps, banner ads on health websites and more. This broader approach ensures a significantly wider audience reach compared to only those using Facebook.
  2. Enhanced Targeting Capabilities: BuildClinical utilizes aggregated data sets, layered onto platforms like Facebook, to achieve a more refined targeting process. This level of granularity enables us to focus on individuals with a higher likelihood of eligibility, a capability not accessible through standalone efforts.
  3. Algorithmic Learning: Our algorithm continually refines its targeting precision. When an eligible individual interacts with our screening form, our backend code communicates with ad platforms to adapt and target similar profiles. Over time, this machine learning process optimizes the targeting for eligible participants online.

The value of money spent with BuildClinical versus direct spending on a platform like Facebook can yield notably different enrollment outcomes due to the impact of our specialized strategy.